2010 Agent Joanna Stamfel-Volpe
Joanna & Kaki Warner
Agent Editor Panel
Holly Payne
Sandy Finalist Panel: Vanessa Appleby, Martha Catt, Sally Clark, Kerri-Leigh Grady, Victoria Dijon, Elysia Whisler, John Oehler, Tracy St. Hilaire, & Liz Roadifier
James Scott Bell
James Scott Bell
Dinner at Maxwell's Kaki, Bill Brands, KL, Tracy, Ginger Clark, Barbara, Martha, Vanessa, & Sally
Anne, Mike Keith, Arvin Ram, Jim Bell, Merrie Wycoff, Sandy Fails, Kevin Wolfe, & Sheila Davis
Cristine Pride, John, Mary, Liz, Liz's husband, & Ron
Reading in Elevation Lobby
Mike Keith
Kate Vogel
Arvin entertains before reads his story
Marcie Telander Reads Poetry
Bob Puglise - our emcee for the night
Breakfast Mtg Agent Joanna S-V with John
Kaki, Barbara, & Joanna
Barbara reminds us to fill out evaluations
Christine's workshops on the publishing world
Joanna teaches about writing the dreaded synopsis
Bill Brands & Holly Payne
Kaki & her Agent Joanna
Finishing Up - Christine, Joanna, & Merrie
Barbara, Jim, & Theresa
Arvin & Jim
Jim charms Agent Joanna & Editor Christine
Marathon Lunch afterwards - Barbara, Mike, Merrie, Jim, Sheila, Arvin, Christine, Joanna, KL's forehead, & Lisa Potocar
Crested Butte Writers Barbara, Mike, Lisa, & Kaki
Barbara, Kaki, Theresa, & Lisa
We Survived! Thanks Everybody! Barbara & Theresa
2009 Agent Don Maass
Don Maass listens to author
Sandra Kerns & Merri Wycoff
Keynote Author-William Bernhardt
Freelance Editor, Lisa Rector
Bill Bernhardt
Bill Bernhardt
Dinner at Slogar's Mary Staford, Tina Forkner, Bill, Don, Lisa
Kevin Wolf, Theresa, Tina, Bill, Sandra, Lisa, Don, Merrie, Mary, Barbara Crawford
Tina Ann Forkner
Pie In The Sky Book signing Mary, Bill, Merrie
Tina signs for Kay Van Ness
Tina, Kay, Janet Farmer, Mike Keith
Editor Kate Nintzel, Agent Colleen Lindsay, Lisa Rector
Kevin Wolf, Don Maass
Bill & Theresa
Bill, editor Adam Wilson & Colleen take a break in the lobby around the fireplace
First Pages Readings Colleen, Lisa, Don, Kate, Adam
Editors & agents cold read first pages and comment-they try to guess which are the 4 best selling author first pages Theresa planted in the pile to trick them! Colleen, Lisa, Don, Kate, Adam
Open Mike Reading at Trackers Lounge Host, Bob Puglisi
Sandy finalists and local writers read poems and opening pages of their works Audience at Trackers
Audience at Trackers
Jodie Esch-Childrens/YA Sandy Finalist
Kevin Wolf-Fantasy/SF Sandy finalist
Sandra Kerns-Thriller/Suspense Sandy Finalist
Merrie Wycoff-Mainstream Sandy Finalist
R.R. Wright--author
Worn out Mike Keith
Merrie entertains group with stories
Rich Driscoll - poet
Mike Keith reads
Heidi Khun-Romance Sandy Finalist
Last Day Don, Lisa & Theresa at breakfast
Lisa, Barbara & Don
Colleen, Adam, Kate
Colleen, Adam & Kate
Author Aryn Kyle

Opening Panel
Scholastic Editor Jennifer Rees, agent Rachel, Caren Johnson Literary, Jennifer Feldman-Scholastic Publisher
Jennifer Feldman
Jen, Rachel, Jennifer
Susan Wiggs
Golf course where conference was held
Golf course
John Shors
Jen Reese talking to Molly Murfee
Rich Driscoll - poet
Rich Driscoll - poet
Rich Driscoll - poet
Theresa & The Sandy Awards
Susan Keynotes
Mario Acevedo
John Shors
Susan & Karen Joy Fowler take time out to visit the local Library
Susan, Karen, Sandra Kerns
Susan, Theresa, Karen
Wandering Streets of CB :Karen, Susan, Mario, Rachel, & Sandra
Susan, Karen & Mario
Barbara's group looking for dinner
They settle at the Ginger Cafe: Mario, Rachel, Barbara, Sandra & Susan
Jen Rees
Sandy Fails & Sandy Courtner
Mike & Barb
Jennifer & Daughter
Fan & Mario
Jen & Barb
Karen and D'Arcy Davis